Deciding on the Best Electric Cycle for You in India (2024)

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Welcome to our guide on the best electric cycles in India that you can buy in 2024. With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, electric cycles have become a popular choice for those looking for an eco-friendly and cost-effective mode of transportation. In this article, we will explore some of the top electric cycles available in the Indian market, taking into consideration their features, performance, and value for money.

 Here’s a breakdown of some popular models to help you choose:

Factors to Consider:

  • Budget: E-cycles range from under ₹30,000 for basic models to over ₹1 lakh for premium features.
  • Usage: City commuting, mountain biking, or leisure rides? Different cycles cater to various terrains.
  • Battery Life & Range: How far do you need to travel on a single charge?
  • Motor Power: More power tackles steeper inclines but drains the battery faster.
  • Brakes: Disc brakes offer better stopping power in all weather conditions.
  • Gears: Gears provide a wider range of assistance levels for tackling inclines.
  • Suspension: Suspension forks provide a smoother ride on rough terrain.
  • Weight: Lighter cycles are easier to maneuver and store.
  • Brand & Service Network: Consider after-sales support and spare part availability.

Top Contenders:

  1. Hero Lectro C6E 700C City Hybrid:

    (Pros: Powerful motor for commutes, User-friendly display, Affordable; Cons: Average range, Heavier weight)

    • Can travel up to 30 kilometers on a single charge
    • Has a top speed of 25 kilometers per hour
    • Features a 250-watt motor and a 5.8 Ah battery

  2. Toutche Heileo M100:

    (Pros: Stylish design, Multiple frame sizes, Budget-friendly; Cons: Lower motor power, Limited service network)

    • Lightweight and stylish design with a 6061 aluminum alloy frame
    • Powerful 250-watt motor with a long range (60-80 kilometers depending on use)
    • Versatile riding modes: regular pedal, pedal assist with 5 levels, and throttle
    • Safety features: automatic power cut-off on braking and starts in level 0 to prevent accidental throttle use
    • Highly rated by customers (4.0 stars on the Toutche website) – riders mentioned easy riding, smooth brakes, and a range of 45km on full throttle mode and 55km on pedal assist mode on a single charge
  3. EMotorad X2 MTB:

    (Pros: Built for off-roading, Multiple riding modes, Disc brakes; Cons: Pricier than some options, Heavier frame)

    • Long range: The EMotorad X2 has a 36V removable battery that provides an 80+ km range on a single charge.
    • Multiple riding modes: Choose between pedal-assist mode for a relaxed ride or throttle mode for more power.
    • Safety features: The EMotorad X2 comes with LED lights, reflective bling, and integrated brakes for better visibility and safety.
    • Durable frame: It has a high tensile step-through steel frame.
    • Two color options: Available in Furious Red and Sea Green.

     (Pros: Premium design, Long range, Multiple gears; Cons: Highest price point, Limited availability)

    • Removable battery: The VAAN UrbanSport Pro has a removable battery that can be charged separately from the bike.
    • Clear LCD display: The bike has a clear LCD display that shows information such as speed, battery level, and riding mode.
    • Five riding modes: It comes with five riding modes to suit different riding conditions.
    • Long range: The Urbansport Pro can travel 40-60 kilometers on a single charge.
    • Fast charging: It has a 3.5 hour charging time.
    • High-quality materials: The bike is designed with high-quality materials for durability.
    • Italian design: The VAAN UrbanSport Pro features a sleek and stylish Italian design.
  5. Leader E-Power L6 27.5T:

    (Pros: Disc brakes for good control, Affordable under ₹30,000; Cons: Less established brand, Lower battery capacity)

    • Budget-friendly: This electric bike is advertised for under ₹30,000, making it a more affordable option.
    • City commuting: The Leader E-Power L6 is designed for comfortable riding on city streets.
    • Front suspension: It has a front suspension fork to absorb bumps and improve comfort on uneven terrain.
    • Dual disc brakes: This bike features disc brakes for reliable stopping power in all weather conditions.
    • 27.5 x 2.40 wide tires: These wide tires provide better grip and stability on various surfaces.
    • Portable battery: The battery is removable for easy charging.

Detailed Feature Comparison:

FeatureHero Lectro C6EToutche Heileo M100EMotorad X2 MTBVAAN URBAN SPORT

Leader E-Power L6

Price (₹)50,000 onwards46,990 (9.6Ah)58,000 onwards1,00,000 onwardsUnder 30,000
UsageCity commutingCity & light trailsMountain bikingCity & long ridesCity commuting
Battery Range (km)40-5035-4550-6060+30-35
Motor Power (W)250250250250250
BrakesDisc brakesMechanical disc brakesHydraulic disc brakesDisc brakesDisc brakes
Gears7-speed Shimano7-speed Shimano8-speed Shimano9-speed Shimano7-speed Shimano
SuspensionNoNoFront suspensionFront suspensionNo
Weight (kg)2523272422
Brand ReputationEstablishedEmergingEstablishedPremiumEmerging

Additional Considerations:

  • Lights: Front and rear lights for better visibility during low-light rides.
  • Fenders: Protect you from splashes during wet rides.
  • Carrying capacity: Consider racks or panniers if you need to carry cargo.
  • Warranty: Most brands offer a standard 1-year warranty on frame and motor.


  • Research user reviews for real-world experiences.
  • Check for test ride options at dealerships.
  • Consider factors like warranty and after-sales service.

Final Decision:

The “best” electric cycle depends on your individual needs. This comparison should equip you to make an informed decision based on your budget, riding style, and desired features. Happy e-cycling!

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