Must-Have Ola S1 Pro Accessories for Style, Comfort, Protection

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Upgrade Your Ride: The Essential Guide to Ola S1 Pro Accessories

The Ola S1 Pro is a sleek and powerful electric scooter, but you can make it even better with the right accessories. Personalize your ride, add practicality, protect your investment, and maximize the enjoyment you get from your S1 Pro!

Types of Ola S1 Pro Accessories

Floor Mats: 

Keep your footwell pristine and free from scratches with durable floor mats. Choose from basic rubber for no-fuss protection or all-weather materials that handle mud and water with ease. Consider mats with a slight lip around the edge to contain spills.

Body Panel Wraps: Protect your scooter’s paint while adding a burst of personality. Vinyl wraps come in a dazzling array of colors, from matte black to chrome finishes and even full-blown custom graphic designs. Look for wraps made from quality materials that won’t peel easily.

Crash Guards: These sturdy add-ons provide an extra layer of protection. Well-designed crash guards can significantly reduce damage to the body panels and lights if you have an unlucky tip-over or minor accident.

    Comfort & Convenience:

    Seat Covers: The stock Ola S1 Pro seat is decent, but you can take it to the next level! Aftermarket covers offer improved cushioning, breathable fabrics to reduce sweat, and even textured finishes for better grip.

      Backrests: Reduce back fatigue, especially on longer commutes, with an aftermarket backrest. These provide lumbar support and add a touch of laid-back style.

        Phone Mount: Keep your phone visible and secure for GPS navigation or taking calls safely. Look for a sturdy mount with vibration dampening and an adjustable base for the perfect viewing angle.

          Storage & Utility:

          Top Box: Massively expand your cargo space with a lockable top box. These are perfect for storing a helmet, groceries, rain gear, or anything you need to carry. Look for quick-release options for when you don’t want the box on.

          Side Panniers: Think of these like saddlebags for your scooter. Panniers increase carrying capacity, and hard-shell models offer better security and weather resistance.

            Cargo Hook: A simple but invaluable addition. Adding a sturdy hook to the front allows you to conveniently hang grocery bags or a backpack.


            Rim Stickers: These add eye-catching accents to your wheels. Choose from reflective rim stripes for extra visibility at night, or go for custom graphics that match your scooter’s color scheme.

            LED Accent Lights: Subtle LED lighting placed strategically around the scooter can give it a unique nighttime look. Be sure to check local regulations on any type of additional lighting.

              Custom Mirrors: Bar-end mirrors, teardrop mirrors, or larger mirrors with wide visibility can enhance the look of your S1 Pro and provide better functionality.

                Where to Find Ola S1 Pro Accessories

                • Ola Electric Website: Ola’s official site offers a selection of their own branded accessories, ensuring perfect fitment and compatibility.
                • Online Retailers: Amazon, Flipkart, and dedicated e-scooter accessory stores have a broader range. You’ll often find better prices and a wider variety of brands.
                • Local Motorcycle Accessory Shops: While they may not stock Ola-specific items, some general motorcycle accessories can be adapted to fit the S1 Pro.

                Things to Consider When Choosing Accessories:

                • Quality: Look for accessories made with durable materials and good craftsmanship.
                • Compatibility: Always double-check the accessory is designed explicitly for the Ola S1 Pro to avoid fitment issues.
                • Installation: Some accessories are DIY-friendly, while others might require a mechanic’s help. Factor this into your decision.
                • Regulations: Be mindful of local laws regarding additional lighting or any major modifications to your scooter.

                The Final Word

                Personalizing your Ola S1 Pro with accessories is a rewarding way to make it truly your own. Prioritize protection, added utility, and those touches that simply make you smile every time you saddle up!

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