The Ola Electric Scooter Display: Your Futuristic Command Center

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Ola Electric’s scooters, particularly the S1 Pro, boast a unique and tech-forward display that sets them apart from traditional scooter dashboards. This comprehensive guide dives into the Ola display’s features, pricing implications, and how it compares to rivals like the Ather 450x.

Ola Electric scooter display

Understanding the Ola Electric Display: More Than Just a Screen

Ola Electric’s scooters stand apart with their advanced touchscreen displays. Here’s a breakdown of what makes them unique and how they fundamentally change how you interact with your scooter:

  • The Heart of MoveOS: The display isn’t merely a visual readout; it’s the central hub where Ola’s custom-built MoveOS software operates. This operating system controls navigation, performance settings, connectivity features, and receives over-the-air updates.
  • Size and Visibility: Ola boasts impressive display size (exact dimensions vary by model), ensuring excellent visibility even in harsh sunlight. This translates to a safer and more convenient riding experience.
  • Core Functionality: The Ola display provides essential ride data and control over key functions:
    • Speed and Range: Monitor your real-time speed and remaining range to make informed decisions and avoid running out of charge.
    • Riding Modes: Quickly switch between modes like Eco, Normal, and Hyper to tailor the scooter’s performance to your needs or conserve battery.
    • Navigation: Get built-in turn-by-turn directions without needing to juggle your phone while riding.
    • Connectivity: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity allow you to pair your smartphone for music control, calls, and receive software updates for new features and fixes.
  • Beyond the Basics: Where Ola Shines
    • Voice Commands: Control certain scooter functions hands-free, adding convenience and safety.
    • Customization: Personalize the display layout, prioritizing the data that’s most important to you.
    • Moods: Choose from display themes that change colors and aesthetics for a touch of personalization.
    • Evolving Features: The powerful processor behind the display means Ola can continually add new functionalities through software updates.
Ola Electric scooter display

Features That Stand Out: Ola’s Display Delivers

While many of its core functions overlap with competitors, Ola’s display pushes things further with these noteworthy features:

  • Voice Commands: The Power of Your Voice
    • Ola’s integration of voice control sets it apart. This allows you to make calls, adjust music, or potentially even change riding modes without taking your hands off the handlebars.
    • This feature prioritizes safety and adds a futuristic feel while riding.
  • Customization: Make It Your Own
    • Ola lets you tailor the display to your preferences. Rearrange the information layout, prioritizing the data that matters most – whether that’s speed, range, or navigation instructions.
    • This level of personalization enhances the ownership experience and lets you make the display work best for your needs.
  • Moods: More Than Just Data
    • Moods add a playful element to the Ola display. Select from different color schemes and themes that completely change the look and feel of the interface.
    • While not directly impacting functionality, it reinforces Ola’s focus on creating a unique and tech-forward riding experience.
  • The Potential for Growth
    • The powerful processor behind the display means Ola can continually push updates for its MoveOS system. This hints at exciting new features becoming available over time.
    • This future-proofing aspect makes the display an investment rather than merely a static component of the scooter.
Important Considerations:
  • Feature Availability: Not all features might be standard on every Ola model. Check their website for specific configurations.
  • Evolving Technology: Voice commands and the overall MoveOS software will likely improve over time with updates, making the features even more robust.

The Cost Factor

The advanced display contributes to the overall cost of Ola Electric scooters, like the S1 Pro. However, it’s considered integral to the futuristic riding experience Ola offers. You likely won’t find a replacement part listed separately, should repair be needed.

Ola vs. the Competition: Display Showdown

Ola Electric’s display is a major selling point, but how does it fare against the competition in the growing electric scooter market? Here’s a look at its main rivals:

  • Ather 450X: Ather Energy’s flagship scooter is Ola’s primary competitor, sporting a tech-heavy display of its own.
  • Simple One: While less focused on “smart” features, Simple Energy’s One model has a large, informative display worth considering.
  • Bajaj Chetak Electric: Bajaj, a legacy player in the scooter market, offers a more streamlined display experience in its electric Chetak.
  • TVS iQube Electric: TVS’s foray into electric scooters includes a color TFT display with smartphone connectivity features.

Feature Comparison Table

FeatureOla S1 ProAther 450XSimple OneBajaj ChetakTVS iQube
Display TypeTouchscreenTouchscreenTouchscreenDigital LCDColor TFT
Size(Model Specific)7-inches7-inchesSmaller5-inches
Voice CommandsYesNoNoNoNo
Over-the-air UpdatesYesYesYesLimitedYes
ola display comparison
Ola Electric scooter display

Key Takeaways

  • Ola’s Edge: Ola stands out with voice commands and a potentially greater level of future expandability with MoveOS.
  • Ather’s Strength: Ather offers a similarly tech-forward experience with a polished interface.
  • Alternatives: Simple One and Bajaj Chetak provide less flashy but functional displays for those prioritizing the basics.
  • It’s Not Just Size: Display features and software matter as much as the physical size when it comes to user experience.

Important Note: Features and technology evolve rapidly. Always check the latest specifications on the manufacturers’ websites for accurate comparisons.

  • Availability: Always check the Ola Electric website for up-to-date information on which features come standard on specific scooter models.
  • Caring for Your Display: Like a smartphone, protect the display from scratches and excessive moisture.

The Future of Scooter Displays

Ola Electric and its competitors demonstrate that scooter displays are becoming more advanced. Expect even greater functionality and integration with your digital life in future models.

Ola Electric scooter display


General Display Questions

  • What kind of display does the Ola Electric scooter have? It features a large touchscreen display with varying sizes depending on the model.
  • What is MoveOS? MoveOS is Ola Electric’s custom operating system that powers the display, handling navigation, settings, and connectivity.
  • Is the Ola display waterproof? It’s designed to be weather-resistant, but avoid submerging it or prolonged exposure to heavy rain.
  • Can I customize the Ola display? Yes! Rearrange information, select different ‘Moods’ for the color scheme, and tailor what data is prioritized.
  • Does the display work with gloves? This may vary depending on the type of gloves. Test responsiveness during a test ride if this is a major concern.

Navigation & Connectivity

  • Does the Ola display have built-in navigation? Yes, it offers turn-by-turn navigation powered by maps.
  • Do I need a data plan for navigation to work? The scooter uses Wi-Fi or a cellular connection if your paired phone has a hotspot. For seamless navigation, data connectivity is recommended.
  • Can I connect my phone to the Ola display? Yes, Bluetooth connectivity allows for music control, calls, and receiving notifications.
  • Does the display work with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto? Currently, these features are not supported.


  • How do I use voice commands on the Ola display? Refer to your owner’s manual for specific activation phrases and the features you can control with your voice.
  • Can I add new features to the Ola display? Possibly! If Ola releases significant updates to MoveOS, you may gain new features over time.
  • What are ‘Moods’ on the Ola display? ‘Moods’ change the color theme and the overall visual aesthetic of the display.

Troubleshooting & Care

  • My Ola display is frozen/unresponsive. What should I do? Refer to your owner’s manual for a reset procedure. If that fails, contact Ola customer support.
  • The Ola display has a crack. Can I repair it? Contact Ola support to learn about screen replacement options and associated costs.
  • How do I clean the Ola display? Use a soft microfiber cloth lightly dampened with water. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners.

Please Note:

  • Specific features and availability may vary between different Ola scooter models.
  • Ola may update the MoveOS software over time, potentially changing feature functionality.

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