Silent Yachts: Harnessing the Wind with Innovative Kite Sail Systems

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Silent Yachts is a pioneer in incorporating kite sail systems into their yachts. Their Silent 60 model is the world’s first production yacht designed specifically to integrate a kite sail system.

Here’s a breakdown of how the Silent Yachts kite sail system works:

  • Increased Wind Power: A kite is deployed from the yacht, reaching high altitudes where winds are stronger and more consistent. This translates to significantly more pulling power compared to traditional sails. Silent Yachts claims the kite can generate up to 10 times more power than a conventional sail.
  • Doesn’t Compete with Solar Panels: Unlike conventional sails, the kite flies high above the deck, avoiding shade on the solar panels – a crucial aspect of Silent Yachts’ solar-powered philosophy .
  • Easy Storage: When not in use, the kite and its electrical winch can be collapsed and stored in a dedicated locker on the foredeck, ensuring it doesn’t take up valuable deck space .

Benefits of the Silent Yachts Kite Sail System

  • Enhanced Efficiency: The kite system can significantly improve a yacht’s fuel efficiency or, in the case of Silent Yachts, solar power consumption. During testing, the Silent 60 achieved speeds of 4-5 knots with the kite and electric motors turned off . When minimal electric motor power was used to optimize propeller efficiency, speeds increased to nearly 7 knots – a substantial improvement.
  • Silent Operation: The kite system is completely silent, aligning perfectly with Silent Yachts’ commitment to noise-free cruising.

While Silent Yachts seems to be at the forefront of integrating kite systems into production yachts, there may be some limitations to consider:

  • Wind Dependency: Kite sails are effective primarily in downwind or broad reach conditions. Sailing directly against the wind may not be possible.
  • Technical Expertise: Operating a kite sail system may require some additional training or experience compared to traditional sails.

Overall, Silent Yachts’ kite sail system represents an exciting innovation in the world of yachting, offering the potential for increased efficiency and silent, wind-powered cruising.

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