Power Up Your Yard with the Best Electric Chainsaws(2024 Edition)

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Gone are the days of noisy gas-powered chainsaws. Electric chainsaws offer a quieter, cleaner, and more user-friendly option for tackling yard tasks like limbing trees, pruning branches, and cutting firewood. But with so many choices on Amazon, finding the right one can be daunting. Here’s a breakdown of the top electric chainsaws in 2024, complete with features, reviews, and buying advice:

1. Oregon CS1500 18-Inch Self-Sharpening Electric Chainsaw

electric chain saw
  • Features: This powerful 15-amp motor tackles even tough jobs. The 18-inch bar and self-sharpening chain offer extended reach and efficient cutting. It boasts automatic oiling for smooth operation and tool longevity.
  • Reviews: Customers praise its power, ease of use, and self-sharpening feature. However, some mention the weight might be an issue for extended use.
  • Ideal for: Homeowners with larger yards or those who need to cut firewood regularly.

2. WORX WG303.1 14.5 Amp 16″ Electric Chainsaw

  • Features: This 14.5-amp motor provides ample power for most cutting tasks. The 16-inch bar and automatic chain oiling system ensure smooth operation. It features a tool-free chain tensioning system for easy adjustments.
  • Reviews: Users appreciate its affordability, user-friendly features, and lightweight design. Some reviewers mention a slightly shorter runtime compared to some models.
  • Ideal for: Homeowners with medium-sized yards who need a versatile and user-friendly chainsaw for various tasks.

3. GreenWorks 20222 Electric Chainsaw

  • Features: This 14-amp motor offers a balance between power and weight. The 16-inch bar and automatic chain oiling system make cutting efficient. It comes with a safety feature that prevents accidental starts.
  • Reviews: Customers highlight its easy assembly, user-friendly operation, and comfortable grip. A few reviews mention a slightly longer chain tensioning process compared to some models.
  • Ideal for: Homeowners with medium-sized yards who prioritize a safe and comfortable electric chainsaw for general cutting tasks.

4. Sun Joe 14-Inch Electric Handheld Chainsaw

  • Features: This 14-amp motor provides enough power for most light-duty cutting tasks. The 14-inch bar and automatic chain oiling system keep things running smoothly. It’s a compact and lightweight option for easy maneuverability.
  • Reviews: Users appreciate its affordability, lightweight design, and ease of use. However, some reviewers mention it might not be suitable for heavy-duty tasks.
  • Ideal for: Homeowners with smaller yards who need a lightweight and affordable electric chainsaw for occasional trimming or branch cutting.

5. EGO Power+ CS1600 16-Inch Electric Chainsaw

  • Features: This powerful 16-inch chainsaw boasts a brushless motor for extended runtime and efficiency. The automatic chain oiling system and tensioning system ensure smooth operation. It comes with a 5.0Ah battery and charger for cordless convenience.
  • Reviews: Users love its power, quiet operation, and cordless design. However, the price point might be a consideration for some.
  • Ideal for: Homeowners with larger yards or professionals who need a powerful and cordless electric chainsaw for various cutting tasks.

Important factors to consider before buying:

  • Power (motor amps): Choose a motor amp rating suitable for your typical cutting tasks.
  • Bar length: Longer bars offer more reach but might be heavier. Consider the size of the trees you’ll be cutting.
  • Weight: Lighter chainsaws are easier to maneuver but might have less power.
  • Corded vs. Cordless: Corded models offer continuous power, while cordless offer flexibility but require battery charging.
  • Safety features: Look for features like automatic chain brakes and kickback protection.

Final thoughts:

  • Think about your needs: Are you a homeowner with a small yard who needs occasional trimming, or do you require a powerful chainsaw for regular firewood cutting? Choose a model that aligns with your typical tasks.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with safety features: Electric chainsaws are generally safer than gas-powered models, but features like automatic chain brakes and kickback protection provide additional peace of mind.
  • Read user reviews: Customer reviews offer valuable insights into real-world performance, ease of use, and potential drawbacks of each model.
  • Consider the battery ecosystem (if cordless): If you’re opting for a cordless chainsaw, check if the battery is compatible with other EGO Power+ tools you might own. This can save you money on additional batteries in the future.
  • Safety first: Always wear proper safety gear like gloves, goggles, and ear protection when using any chainsaw.

By following these tips and using the information provided, you’ll be well-equipped to choose the perfect electric chainsaw

Note: Prices are subject to change.

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