Luna Cycle: Your Guide to High-Performance Electric Bikes

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Luna Cycle: Your Guide to High-Performance Electric Bikes

Are you ready to take your electric bike experience to the next level? Luna Cycle, based in California, is a leading innovator in the e-bike industry, specializing in transforming lightweight off-road motorcycles into powerful, street-legal electric bikes.

What is Luna Cycle?

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Luna Cycle’s focus lies in:

  • Performance: Expect powerful motors, large batteries, and the popular “Ludicrous” mode for insane acceleration.
  • Customization: Riders tailor their builds, selecting components to match their riding style and budget.
  • Community: Luna Cycle fosters a vibrant community, encouraging knowledge sharing and DIY modifications.

Popular Luna Cycle Models

  • Sur Ron X: A popular starting point known for its agility and lightweight frame
  • Talaria Sting (and the XXX): A beefier option with full suspension
  • Apex: Luna Cycle’s premium build, designed for serious performance and long-range commuting.

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Why Choose Luna Cycle?

  • Raw Power: If you crave speed and unmatched torque, Luna Cycle’s bikes (“luna cycle ebike”) deliver.
  • Off-Road Prowess: Their e-bikes are designed to conquer rough terrain with ease.
  • DIY Spirit: Perfect for riders who love tinkering and upgrading their machines.
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Is Luna Cycle Right for You?

Luna Cycle ebikes are ideal for:

  • Experienced Riders: Their power requires prior off-road or motorcycle experience for safe riding.
  • Performance Enthusiasts: Speed junkies will adore the acceleration and hill-climbing abilities.
  • Commuters (With Caveats): Luna Cycle bikes can be street-legal but check your local regulations.
  • Budget-Conscious Buyers: Look out for “luna cycle coupon”, “luna cycle coupon code”, and similar searches to find potential discounts.

Things to Consider

  • Price: Luna Cycle builds are premium (“luna cycle net worth” gives you an idea).
  • Assembly: Some bikes require assembly and knowledge of e-bike systems.
  • Regulations: Ensure their high-power bikes are street legal in your area.
  • Shipping: Factor in shipping times and costs (“how long does luna cycle take to ship”).

Where to Learn More

  • Luna Cycle Website: (
  • YouTube Reviews: Search “luna cycle review” for specific models.
  • Electric Bike Forums: Connect with Luna Cycle owners for insights.
  • Luna Cycle Contact: Find their phone number “800-881-4471” for direct inquiries.

The Final Word

Luna Cycle delivers adrenaline-pumping e-bikes for those who crave speed, customization, and the thrill of off-road adventures. If you’re ready to take your e-biking to the next level, Luna Cycle is worth serious consideration.

How long does Luna Cycle take to ship? 

Shipping times vary based on product availability and your location. Check the Luna Cycle website for estimated shipping times on specific products. You can also contact Luna Cycle support for up-to-date information.

Where is Luna Cycle located?

 Luna Cycle is based in El Segundo, California.

What are Luna Cycle Hot Rod program settings? 

The Hot Rod program is a Luna Cycle customization that boosts motor performance. Settings depend on the specific model and your desired setup. For full details, visit the Luna Cycle website or consult the community forums.

How to use the Luna Cycle stock chargers?

Refer to the user manual that came with your Luna Cycle ebike. It will have model-specific charging instructions. You can also find helpful guides and videos on the Luna Cycle website or YouTube.

When is Luna Cycle restocking? 

Restock dates vary by product. Check the Luna Cycle website for updates or sign up for their email notifications.

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