Electric Jet Skis: Top Models, Specs ,Pricing & Reviews (2024 Update)

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Electric jet skis are carving a path towards a cleaner and quieter future for personal watercraft (PWC) enthusiasts. Here’s a dive into this exciting world:

Top Electric Jet Ski Brands 2024:

1. Taiga Orca

Taiga Orca electric

Review: The Taiga Orca is the pioneer of commercially available electric jet skis. It comes in two models:

  • Orca Leisure: Perfect for cruising and relaxation, with a comfortable seat, extended range (up to 90 minutes), and a top speed of around 40 mph.
  • Orca Performance: Built for adrenaline seekers, it boasts a powerful motor for quicker acceleration and a top speed exceeding 50 mph.

Key features:

  • Modular battery packs for easy swapping and extended range.
  • Eco-friendly operation with minimal noise pollution.
  • Intuitive digital display for easy monitoring.

Video: Check out the Orca Leisure in action on YouTube: search Taiga Orca Leisure jet ski.

Pricing: Starts around $25,000.

2. T3MPST Maverick

maverick gt jet ski

Review: The T3MPST Maverick is all about exploration.

Availability: While information on pricing is not yet widely available, T3MPST is expected to announce it soon. Stay tuned on their website for updates.

3. Narke GT95 Electrojet

Narke GT95 Electrojet

Review: Experience the future with the Narke GT95 Electrojet. This electric jet ski features a futuristic enclosed cabin, offering protection from the elements and a unique riding experience.

  • Unique Design: The enclosed cabin provides weather protection and a more car-like feel while riding.
  • Performance: With a powerful motor and comfortable seating for two, the Electrojet is suitable for cruising or exploring.
  • Safety Features: The cabin design offers additional safety features compared to open jet skis.

Video: Immerse yourself in the Electrojet experience on YouTube: search Narke GT95 Electrojet.

Pricing: Around $35,000.

4. Supermarine MM01 Flying At Sea: Supermarine MM01 Hyper Fast Electric Jet Ski


Review: Unleash your inner speed demon with the Supermarine MM01. This electric jet ski prioritizes sheer power and performance.

  • Unmatched Speed: The MM01 boasts an electric motor capable of reaching speeds exceeding 60 mph.
  • Hydrofoil Design: This innovative design allows the jet ski to rise out of the water at high speeds, providing a smoother ride and improved handling.
  • Limited Information: Details on features, pricing, and availability are still limited. Stay updated on the Supermarine website.

Availability: Supermarine is expected to release more information about the MM01 soon. Keep an eye on their website for updates.

Factors to Consider Before Buying an Electric Jet Ski:

  • Performance: Electric jet skis vary in power and acceleration. Consider how you’ll use it – for cruising or adrenaline-pumping rides?
  • Range: How far do you want to travel on a single charge? Battery capacity and charging infrastructure are crucial factors.
  • Features: Do you need features like comfortable seating, storage compartments, or a tow bar for pulling tubes or water skiers?
  • Charging: Check the charging time and availability of compatible charging stations near your riding areas.
  • Budget: Electric jet skis are currently more expensive than traditional gasoline-powered models.

Budgeting for an Electric Jet Ski:

While prices can fluctuate, expect to spend in the following ranges for these top brands (as of March 2024):

  • Taiga Orca: Starts around $25,000
  • T3MPST Maverick: Information on pricing is not yet widely available.
  • Narke GT95 Electrojet: Around $35,000
  • Supermarine MM01: Limited information available, but likely on the higher end due to its focus on performance.

The Takeaway:

Electric jet skis offer a thrilling and eco-friendly way to enjoy the water. Consider your needs, research the available models, and factor in the budget before making a splash!

Here’s a comparison of the key differences between electric and traditional gas-powered jet skis:
FeatureElectric Jet SkiGas-Powered Jet Ski
Environmental ImpactZero emissions, quieter operationExhaust fumes, noise pollution
PerformanceInstant torque, smooth accelerationCan offer higher top speeds (in top-tier models), familiar power delivery
RangeCurrently may be shorter than gas counterpartsLonger range on a full tank
Refueling/RechargingRequires charging stationsReadily available gas pumps
MaintenanceFewer moving parts, simpler upkeepMore complex engine maintenance (oil changes, winterizing, etc.)
CostHigher initial purchase priceCan be less expensive upfront, but long-term operational costs may be higher
Noise LevelVirtually silent operationCharacteristic engine roar
InnovationRepresents cutting-edge technologyMature technology with established market

Important Notes:

  • Technology is Evolving: Electric jet ski technology is rapidly improving. Expect longer ranges, faster charging, and increased power outputs in future models.
  • Consider Your Needs: The “best” option depends on your priorities: range, performance, cost, environmental consciousness, etc.


Electric Jet Ski FAQ

General Questions
What is an electric jet ski? It’s a personal watercraft (PWC) powered by an electric motor and battery pack instead of a traditional gasoline engine.
Why choose an electric jet ski? Electric jet skis offer a quieter, emission-free ride, lower maintenance, and instant power delivery.
Are there electric jet skis for sale? Yes! Companies like Taiga Motors, Narke, and others are actively selling electric jet skis.
Do electric jet skis need special lifts? Electric jet ski lifts are available, but many existing jet ski lifts can be adapted to accommodate electric models.
Specific Models
What features does the Taiga Orca electric jet ski have? The Orca offers a sleek design, impressive performance, and advanced technology features.
Is there a stand-up electric jet ski? While less common, some companies are exploring stand-up electric jet ski designs.
Does Sea-Doo make an electric jet ski? Sea-Doo has hinted at electric models in development but hasn’t released one yet.
Does Yamaha have an electric jet ski? Currently, Yamaha doesn’t offer an electric jet ski model.
Are there electric jet skis for kids? Some smaller, less powerful electric jet ski options are suitable for kids.
Performance & Technology
How much does an electric jet ski cost? Prices vary, but they are often more expensive than gas-powered equivalents.
What’s the top speed of an electric jet ski? Top speeds vary by model, but some reach speeds comparable to high-performance gas-powered skis.
What is an electric jet ski conversion kit? Kits exist to convert some gas-powered jet skis to electric, but it can be a complex process.
How does the electric motor in a jet ski work? An electric motor provides rotational force to a pump/impeller system, propelling the jet ski through the water.
Practical Considerations
Is there an inflatable electric jet ski? Some companies offer inflatable models, check out the Aqua Cruise.
Where can I find electric jet ski manufacturers? A web search for “electric jet ski manufacturers” will lead you to the top companies.
What’s the best electric jet ski? The “best” depends on your budget, needs, and riding preferences.
What kind of electric winch is best for a jet ski lift? Look for winches designed for marine use with the appropriate weight capacity for your electric jet ski model.

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